VGA (video) port: Use a 9-pin video cable to connect to a VGA video device.

You can use ILOM to redirect the system console to this port.

USB ports: Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports labeled USB0 and USB1 are provided on the rear panel (FIGURE 5-1). USB ports support hot-plugging. You can connect and disconnect USB cables and peripheral devices while the server is running, without affecting system operations.

You can connect up to 126 devices to each of the two USB controllers, for a total of 252 USB devices per server.

Input power cables: Do not attach power cables to the power supplies until you have finished connecting the data cables, and have connected the server to a serial terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation). The server goes into Standby mode and the ILOM system controller initializes as soon as the input power cables are connected to the power source. System messages might be lost if the server is not connected to a terminal, PC, or workstation at this time.